It’s been six years since the infectious kids song “Baby Shark” wiggled its way onto everyone’s computer screens in 2016, and since it went viral in 2018, the song has gained a number high-profile fans — including Cardi B.

So much so, that Cardi, her husband Offset and three-year-old daughter Kulture will guest star on an upcoming episode of Nickelodeon’s Baby Shark’s Big Show. 

In celebration of Cardi’s big onscreen moment, see below for a timeline of Cardi B’s years-long love for “Baby Shark.”

August 2018: Cardi B is trending on Twitter along with “Baby Shark”

Cardi took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the day’s trending topics, which included the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, Ed Sheeran, “Baby Shark” and the rapper herself.

Why am i trending ?” she wrote. “I LOVE YAAAAA”

September 2018: Cardi tweets about “Baby Shark”

Less than a week after she was on the trending list with the viral children’s song, Cardi — who had just given birth to her first child Kulture in July — tweeted out some “Baby Shark” lyrics.

The post prompted a response from fellow parent Jimmy Fallon, who tweeted, “Welcome to parenthood.”

January 2019: Cardi B shows off her outfit to the tune of “Baby Shark”

Cardi shared an OOTD video to Instagram, in which she’s seen strutting down her backyard like a runway as “Baby Shark” plays in the background. She begins lip syncing along at the “Mommy Shark” lyrics and struts away.

January 2019: Cardi B lists Kulture’s favorite songs

Among then-six-month-old Kulture’s top tracks were her mom’s “I Like It” and “Taki Taki” as well as “Mi Gente” by J Balvin and “the whole baby shark mixtape.”

June 2019: Cardi B threatens “No Baby Shark” for Kulture

The way Kulture tried to pull my dermal off my throat,” Cardi tweeted about her daughter’s antics, before jokingly adding, “No baby shark for her for a week.”

July 2019: Kulture dances to “Baby Shark”

Thankfully, Kulture’s punishment didn’t go on for too long, as the toddler was back jamming to her favorite bop a month later.

“It’s crazy how God not only gives you a kid that looks like you but with the same energy and personality,” Cardi wrote on Instagram. “I saw my cousin posted this earlier and I thought it was soo funny.”

March 2022: Cardi (and Offset & Kulture) to guest-star on Baby Shark’s Big Show

The rapper will guest-star on the April 15 episode of the animated preschool series as Sharki B, and she’ll be joined by husband Offset (voicing Offshark) and 3-year-old daughter Kulture (Kulture Shark). According a press release, Sharki B is “the biggest star in the seven seas — flashy, awe-inspiring, and ruthlessly fun — but always 100% herself and fin-spires other fishies to do the same.”

Baby Shark and his best friend William will meet Sharki B and learn “The Seaweed Sway,” the viral song-and-dance craze she created. Ahead of the episode, “The Seaweed Sway” will be included on the compilation album Sing, Dance & Sway the Nick Jr. Way, out on all streaming platforms April 8.

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