The latest episode of Cardi B‘s Messenger/Instagram series Cardi Tries____ finds the rapper teaming up with black-ish star Marsai Martin for a visit to Los Angeles’ famed Magic Castle, where the pair become instant experts at back palms, dove pans and flash paper. Kidding! Have you even watched the show?
“I’m, like, kind of scared to find out if magic is real,” a nervous Cardi tells Martin at the opening of the episode, which will drop at noon ET on Friday (April 1). “Like sometimes I wonder if people learn how to do tricks or if people are born with certain type of ability?” When Martin ponders where people go when they disappear during magic tricks, Cardi feels her confusion, asking, “like, do you go get a drink?” Or, perhaps, it’s another dimension?
Dressed in festive pink tux with tails and matching top hat, at first Cardi is in awe of the famed magical mansion, which, not for nothing, she says smells like “a haunted ghost.” But once she pulls up to the bar with Martin to watch some killer sleight of hand from Evan the Card Guy, they are blown away when he teaches them how a classic card trick works.
Their trip also includes a history lesson — including props to the first Black female magician — and the reveal of their prestidigitator names: “Marciago” for Martin and, for Cardi, in keeping with a popular spooky meme, the incantation of her full, real name, “Belcalis Almanzar.” Just make sure your furniture is nailed down when you chant it.
Cardi also learns a mind-blowing illusion involving a salt shaker — with an impromptu shout-out to the Ying Yang Twins songs of the same name — courtesy of bar magician Smoothini. The episode ends with a master class on how to wow an audience with the legendary sawing-a-lady-in-half trick. “Wait, so I’m gonna be cut in half in front of people?” a nervous Martin asks as Cardi wonders if there are any waivers they need to sign before she attemptes the death-defying illusion.
Cardi has done everything from conquering her fear of heights to twirling around with rhythmic gymnasts, tattooing her hubby, holistic healing, cooking thanksgiving dinner, officiating a wedding and, last week, fishing with Keke Palmer on the series.
Fans can watch full episodes of Cardi Tries on Watch Together via Messenger, Instagram and Facebook Watch; to view it with a friend on Instagram or Messenger, start a video chat, tap the media button in the bottom right on Instagram, or swipe up to access the menu on Messenger and select “Watch Together” and search for Cardi Tries __.
Watch a preview of the episode below.

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