Will Butler, a longtime member of Arcade Fire, has announced his departure from the band.

“Hi friends — I’ve left Arcade Fire,” Butler — who’s the younger brother of frontman Win Butler and has been a part of Arcade Fire since the group’s debut full-length album, Funeral — announced in a tweet on Saturday (March 19).

“I left at the end of last year, after the new record was complete,” the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter clarified. “There was no acute reason beyond that I’ve changed — and the band has changed — over the last almost 20 years. Time for new things.”

His update continued, “I’m working on a new record; booking some shows this summer. I’m working on music for a David Adjmi play (which is so good). A few other projects percolating.”

“Thank you to anyone who’s come out to AF shows, or bought a record, or loves our music. It’s meaningful to be part of your lives. Thank you to the crew, staff, management, label people, bands, artists, and friends who have helped bring our vision to life for so many years. The band are still my friends and family,” he said.

Butler also noted a reading from a memorial service for Paul Farmer in his tweet, saying that the words “remain at the front of my mind.” He said that he plans to continue work with organizations including PLUS1 and Partners in Health “to give people material help; to build better systems of health, justice, and government; to try to live up in some way to Paul’s example.”

Arcade Fire just announced a May 6 release date for new album WE, which features new song “The Lightning I, II.” The band has seen three albums (2010’s The Suburbs, 2013’s Reflektor and 2017’s Everything Now) peak at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and a fourth (2007’s Neon Bible) reach No. 2.

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