Índigo has arrived! Camilo and Evaluna Montaner have welcomed their first baby, a girl, whom they had previously announced would be named Índigo. The couple has yet to officially announce the baby’s arrival on social media but Billboard can confirm the news.

In a recent interview with Camilo for Billboard‘s Grammy pre-show, the Colombian star, who was up for best Latin pop album on Sunday night, explained he was not attending the ceremony because the baby’s arrival was just too close to the date. “I’ve been dreaming of being there for so long and I won’t be able to go there because of a blessing. It’s very close to Índigo’s arrival and well, first things first.”

The “Tuyo Y Mío” singer and Latin Grammy-winning artist also talked about being inspired by the birth of his baby for his upcoming album. “That process of waiting for Índigo’s arrival, our first baby, has inspired me to look inward, to close doors. I’m not saying we don’t want anyone to visit us, but we’re experiencing the beginning of something new. It’s become a process of giving birth two times: my baby and my album.”

Camilo also gushed about hitting the road as a family of three when his new U.S. tour kicks off Aug. 27 in New York. Describing his first tour in 2021 as a dream, this second one he says is a blessing. “We’re now hitting the road as a family of three because my baby is coming with us on tour. A baby that I don’t even know how to carry yet, but I’m assuming that when the tour comes around, I will have gotten the hang of it, hopefully. It changes everything: my life, my tour, my job, my music. It’s a reflection of what I’m living. La Tribu is growing, literally.”

Camilo and Montaner, who got married in February 2020 after five years together, announced they were expecting their baby via a music video for “Índigo,” a single they released back in October. In the video, they learn that Montaner is pregnant and share the news with their family and friends. The song is about having good luck in their dream-come-true relationship. “What good luck of mine. I won without playing the lottery. With you, Christmas came early because the love of my life has arrived,” they sing.

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