Milkshakes. Red vinyl stools lined up against a countertop. Coca-Cola in glass bottles. What’s more old-fashioned than a 1950s diner?

For their Tuesday (April 12) appearance on Genius’ Open Mic series, the boys of ENHYPEN brought a whole new level to their viral TikTok hit “Polaroid Love,” an easygoing, candy-coated ode to old-school romance. Seated inside a retro-looking diner decorated with Polaroid photos, the seven bandmates took turns singing lines from the bilingual song’s lyrics — all while making it look easy to dance and stay seated on barstools at the same time.

“It’s like a Polaroid love,” sing Ni-ki, Sunghoon, Jungwon, Jay, Heeseung and Jake. “I love that vibe.”

Released earlier this year, “Polaroid Love” is the soundtrack to more than 600,000 videos on TikTok. One user even created a dance trend to the song, which Jungwon once took part in.

The K-Pop boyband was formed in 2020 on the Hybe-backed South Korean television competition series I-Land, where each member was selected from a group of 23 contestants to be a part of ENHYPEN. Now signed to Belift Lab, the group released their debut album Dimension: Dilemma in 2021. This year, they added three songs — including “Polaroid Love” — to the record and released the updated version under the title Dimension: Answer.

ENHYPEN’s newest single “Always” arrived in February, and the group is scheduled to perform at KPOP.FLEX alongside NCT Dream, Ive and more. Taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, the two-day event is billed on the KPOP.FLEX website as being “Europe’s first ever K-pop mega festival.”

Watch ENHYPEN perform their hit “Polaroid Love” live from a 1950s diner below.

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