After being crowned “The Best Rapper Alive” by GQ last week, on Friday (April 29) Future aims to prove his status as rap’s favorite trap lord with his ninth studio album, I DON”T LIKE YOU. 

Since his 2012 debut album Pluto, Future has undoubtedly solidified his role as the poster boy for drug binges, toxic entanglements, and exorbitant spending for the last decade. Now he looks to wreak havoc again with his band of misfits, including his frequent collaborator Drake, as well as Ye, Young Thug, Gunna, Kodak Black, and more. 

Below, Billboard ranks the tracks from his latest effort. Check it out. 


“MASSAGIN ME” is a quick one, clocking in at 1:45. The song’s hook is catchy but isn’t memorable, especially after Future’s back-to-back run of “WAIT FOR ME” and “LOVE YOU BETTER,” though the change of pace is appreciated.


After linking up on Southside’s “Hold That Heat” alongside Travis Scott last week, Future quickly reunites with the renowned 808 Mafia producer for his braggadocious record “WE JUST WANNA GET HIGH.” It’s business as usual for Future, who gives himself the nickname of “Pluto Rambo.” We doubt the moniker will stick, as the record seems like another throwaway from the ATL pair.


Though Future slows down the tempo, he still has gripes with those refusing to give him credit, rapping: “Lot of these n—as, they lookin’ the same/ They copy my lingo, they bitin’ my chain.” After a dynamic collaboration with Thug and Gunna on “FOR A NUT,” “PUFFIN ON ZOOTIES,” is a bit of a letdown energy-wise. 


After a brilliant effort from Future on “VOODOO,” it seems that the devil has a hold of him on the follow-up track “HOLY GHOST.” Violence pervades his mind as he spews lines about body counts, spinning the block, and more in this ultra-aggressive song. While the effort is admirable, after “HOLY GHOST” falls short of capturing that same “VOODOO” magic.

12. “FOR A NUT” (feat. Young Thug & Gunna)

The trifecta of Future, Gunna, and Young Thug return after their Hot 100 triumph “Pushin P.” The record slightly rivals its predecessor because of its hard-hitting production but lacks the same fervor as the former top-10 entry. Still, one-liners like “I can boss a b–ch up for a nut” and “I put diamonds in her butt” ultimately help the song cross the finish line.

11. “I’M DAT N—A

After his controversial GQ cover, which dubbed him “The Best Rapper Alive,” Future attempts to mute those who question his legacy. Out the gate, his swagger is bulletproof (“Don’t play ’bout the legacy, havin’ more stripes than a referee”) as he barrels his way though the trunk-rattling production. While the hook is a simple one-liner, it enhances the song’s explosiveness, making it a go-to anthem.

10. “CHICKENS” (feat. EST Gee)

One underrated skill of Future is his nose for rising acts. His recent resumé includes 42 Dugg, Nardo Wick, and Louisville’s EST Gee, with the latter proving to be a formidable feature on the trap-laden record “CHICKENS.” If anyone can wax poetic about getting straight to the money, it’s EST Gee. Great call by Future.


Future’s streak of great outros remains undefeated, with “BACK TO BASICS” his latest such offering. With a smooth soul sample serving as his soundscape, Future uses his album’s finale to boast and brag while delivering a stellar knockout punch at the song’s conclusion (“After I f–k you, let me cry on your shoulder/ This is a chance of a lifetime“).


A simple switcheroo between “PUFFIN ON ZOOTIES” and “GOLD STACKS” after “FOR A NUT” should happen, considering Future’s energy level on the former is higher. Not only does he give us a rundown of his overseas prices (“Go and ask the promoter, I charge three-fifty for a walkthrough”), but he even lets us know what he probably does with his money afterwards (“I’m a rich junkie, yeah, all these drugs I buy”). “GOLD STACKS” is a fun and easy listen bolstered by Future’s enthusiasm. 

7. “712PM”

The thunderous intro finds Future placing the welcome mat down for old and new listeners. On the Wheezy-produced track, his bravado continues to be his calling card, as he throws endless darts at the competition and, of course, the opposite sex. (“If it wasn’t for Google, man, that b–ch wouldn’t know my nickname,”)  

6. “I’M ON ONE” (feat. Drake)

The beauty of Future and Drake is that they can flourish on any beat. After ruminating on their poisonous love affairs on “WAIT FOR YOU,” they lace up their boots to engage in warfare on “I’M ON ONE.” For fans yearning for a full sequel to their 2015 effort What a Time to Be Alive, this gem might hold them over until then. Not only do they casually namedrop sports titans Michael Phelps and Lionel Messi, but they also induce fear with their menacing verses. 

5. “VOODOO” (feat. Kodak Black)

The resurgence of Kodak Black continues on the standout track “VOODOO.” A proven features savant, Kodak doles out another indelible hook that finds Future combatting his demons. (“This money like a drug/ Devil so pretty can’t touch it without the gloves.”) Kaash Paige even adds a ghostly touch with her surprise appearance on the song’s bridge.


Introspective Future is the best Future, especially on “THE WAY THINGS GOING.” Though Future typically exudes supreme confidence, he often undergoes moments of doubt. On “THINGS,” the forlorn superstar thinks about his dead homies, his city’s rampant violence, and his own demise (“It’s another bloody summer inside of my city,” he raps in dismay).


This two-minute offering finds Future at this most vulnerable on the album. With shades of HNDRXX oozing through a sample of Jayla Darden’s “Idea 686,” the ATL lothario changes his tune when confronting his partner about deserting their relationship. “It’s my love from my grandmother make me gentle when I care for you,” he painfully croons. The two-track run of “WAIT FOR YOU” and “LOVE YOU BETTER” is an excellent reminder of peak Future for fans who fell in love with his searing honesty. 

2. “KEEP IT BURNIN” (feat. Ye)

The fiery clash between Future and Ye on track three will be a talking point on Twitter, as the meet-up between rap’s toxic king and music’s most polarizing superstar is a beautiful collision. After a tumultuous year plagued by his public divorce with ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Ye’s a spirited menace looking to burn down everything in sight. The best part? Future handing him the gasoline during their flaming exhibition. 

1. “WAIT FOR YOU” (feat. Drake & Tems)

Who said toxic guys don’t need love too? The Hall of Fame tandem of Future and Drake catch another win on the slow-winding song “WAIT FOR YOU.” With rising Afrobeats star Tems designated to hook duties, Future and Drake write poignant verses about how their busy schedules kill their relationships. Though they know they’re better off single, they manage to run back to their respective partners, inevitably causing more pain and heartbreak. 

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