As we reach the end of March, freshen up your April playlists with some new tunes from you favorite queer artists. Billboard Pride is here to help with First Out, our weekly roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From Mxmtoon‘s dance-fueled return, to Jake Wesley Rogers’ uplifting new single, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below.

Mxmtoon, “Sad Disco”

Welcome to indie-pop star Mxmtoon’s fantasy, fueled by ABBA, feeling lonely, and grooving in your bedroom. “Sad Disco,” the stunning new single off of the singer’s upcoming album Rising, is exactly what it sounds like — a dance-filled, groovy disco-pop track that is filled to the brim with melancholy messaging. The glittering production juxtaposed with the doleful lyricism perfectly shows Mxmtoon’s multitudes in a single song — plus, it’s just a fun track for dancing by yourself.

Jake Wesley Rogers, “Lavender Forever”

While Jake Wesley Rogers has already made a name for himself by penning brooding ballads and heartbroken anthems, his latest “Lavender Forever” will have you wailing along with joy. The grooving new single sees Rogers owning every aspect of himself and proclaiming that he was “born a lover/ I will die that way.” As always, the star’s vocals quickly become the highlight of this jubilant track, making for an uplifting anthem determined to get you feeling just as good about yourself.

Miki Ratsula, I Owe It to Myself

Stepping into their debut album fully-formed and with a clear message, singer-songwriter Miki Ratsula is ready to be heard. I Owe It to Myself, the rising artist’s debut album, plays as a testament to the importance of self-love, with lo-fi production and haunting vocals backing up the incisive songwriting that tackles confidence in a relationship (“Sugarcane”), self-care (“I Walked A Mile In My Room”), and much more. If you haven’t already taken the time to listen to Ratsula’s work, don’t make that same mistake with this refreshing record.

Girlpool, “Nothing Gives Me Pleasure”

From the moment it starts, Los Angeles indie duo Girlpool’s newest track “Nothing Gives Me Pleasure” will take hold of you and refuse to let go. The final single off of their upcoming album Forgiveness, “Pleasure” follows the pair as they examine their own relationship to self-worth, figuring out along the way that just because someone else is treating them badly doesn’t mean they ought to do the same. The glitching, drill-like beat, accompanied by some dissonant chords, further complicate the story of the song, perfectly painting a picture of being caught between a rock and a hard place.

Soccer Mommy, “Shotgun”

Indie-rock darling Sophie Allison, better known to her fans as Soccer Mommy, is back, and she’s done messing around. “Shotgun,” the lead single off of her upcoming album Sometimes, Forever, sees the triple threat getting high on her relationship, while also questioning the very mechanics of love itself. Complete with staggering bedroom-pop production that bursts the chorus wide open, “Shotgun” doesn’t take the scattershot approach of its titular weapon — the music and lyrics are a steady sniper rifle, aimed right at your heartstrings.

Paula Boggs Band, “Ponies”

On their latest single “Ponies,” the Paula Boggs Band is leaning into their fused musical roots to bring you a song that will instantly fill any remaining empty space in your head. The harrowing, chanted chorus is immediately followed by verse after verse from Boggs, as she weaves soul, bluegrass, country and even a little bit of jazz into a beautiful yarn about finding the the romantic side of life in any given circumstance.

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