The Harries put their detective caps on this week, trying their best to decipher a cryptic website and corresponding social media handles titled “You Are Home,” which is likely related to something Harry Styles has up his sleeves.

The site simply leads to an image of a door, but when you hover your mouse over it, the door slightly opens to reveal an image, which seems to change every day. Fans have realized that the different images behind the door correlate to a different book or theme.

The first door, shared on March 19, showed the cover to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature and Selected Essays. On March 20, the door opened up to the sheets on the cover of Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. The third day showed a photo of the Earth — our “Home,” get it? And most recently, on Tuesday (Mar. 22), the fungi behind the door showed Cavallini’s mushroom puzzle.

On March 22, Styles also followed the You Are Home Twitter and Instagram pages — which have been sharing cryptic messages and images of each day’s door — confirming that they are related to something he has in store.

Styles has yet to confirm whether or not  “You Are Home” is the title of a new song or album, given that the singer hasn’t released an album since his 2019 sophomore LP, Fine Line.

The “Watermelon Sugar” star is also set to headline Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April, churning the rumor mill about new music even more.

See below for some of the best fan theories related to “You Are Home.”

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