The entirety of Jonah HEI$T Jurick’s life has been painted by music. Before the age of 1, Hei$t began his artistic journey by attending the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and has returned on a yearly basis ever since. Finding influence from his father, who played live music as a drummer his whole life, Hei$t began writing songs and taking vocal lessons at the age of 12. As the era of SoundCloud picked up steam, Hei$t immersed herself into his own style of smooth melodic rap and alternative pop music, taking influence from artists like Kid Cudi, Future, Leon Bridges and Mac Miller. His song ‘Romeo’ has amassed over half a million streams. Back with his newest release ‘Lazy All Day’, HEI$T will once again have you beaming from ear to ear.

Speaking about the new release, HEI$T shares, “Have you ever woken up next to someone you love and wanted to stay in the same place all day without leaving their side? That’s what this song is about. // Continue to the full article

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