Iann Dior has been busy in the studio lately. The rapper sat down alongside Maejor to chat with Billboard News host Tetris Kelly about his recent songs with Maejor, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker, and to shed some light on how the respective tracks came to be.

Dior’s collab with MGK was not initially planned, he revealed — his studio session with Barker was, but Dior saw that the “Emo Girl” singer was already in the studio and took the opportunity to make some studio magic.

“The thing about Kells is that he matches my energy so it won’t be hard to keep up with that,” Dior says of MGK. “I met him for the first time in the studio and it was supposed to be just me and Trav working, but since he was there, we were like, ‘Might as well make something.’”

The 23-year-old continued: “That same night in the session, we made ‘Nothing Inside’ and ‘Sick and Tired,’ so both of those ended up coming out — one for my album, one for his album. Those were one of my favorite sessions. After the session, me and Kells went to the mall and were skating in the mall. … We act like kids when we’re together, and that the funnest part.”

The conversation then pivoted to Dior’s collaboration with Maejor on their new collaborative track “Be You,” which hails from Maejor’s Audible podcast Maejor Frequency. “We created this song with the intention of just spread love and good energy,” he said.

Speaking of the process of making the track, Dior added, “Maejor pulled up to the crib, we were staying in Malibu at the time and I was in the middle of a writing camp so I already in the vies recording every ay. He showed me the song and I was in shock….I felt good when I listened to it. It gave me a feeling I hadn’t felt in music in a while and I was happy to hop on it. It was fluid and effortless when we were in there.”

Watch Dior and Maejor’s interview in full — in which Dior also talks about his new merchandise collection — in the video above.

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