Like so many artists the world over, acclaimed Irish singer Róisín O watched as her plans for 2020 turned to dust in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdowns. As weeks turned to months, she used the down time to rethink her musical trajectory and return to the solo work she had once left behind.
The result is COURAGEOUS, a ten-song collection of original material that charts a course through love, heartbreak and redemption, all taking shape during isolation. It will be released on April 29 by Blix Street Records.

COURAGEOUS began when the lockdown gave Róisín something she had not experienced since she began recording and touring more than 10 years ago: time. It became the impetus for creating new music. “All of a sudden, all plans were cancelled, and all I could really do was sit at home and write music,” she says. // Continue to the full article

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