Jon Stewart has got Pete Davidson‘s back as Kanye West continues to target the SNL star for his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

“I know Pete real well,” Stewart said to Howard Stern on the latter’s SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday (Mar. 22). “He’s just a kid trying to live his life. [He’s] one of my favorite people. He’s just a smart, funny, kid, trying to live his life.

On the Ye drama, Stewart said that Pete is “doing as best you can in that situation when you’re dealing with something that’s so explosive and loaded, with all kinds of other things. I just love that kid.”

The former Daily Show host went on to explain that he met Davidson from touring comedy. “Dave [Chappelle] and I were doing gigs in Boston and Houston, and Pete came out and performed,” he recalled. “And him and [John] Mulaney worked near where I live in Jersey so I would go buy pizza from a place and we just go hang out and we just became friends from that.”

I always have a very paternal instinct on those guys because I’ve seen too many of my friends get in trouble and some of them die,” he continued. “It’s a f—ed up business.”

Ye has been dissing Davidson for more than a month on social media. Among the countless posts was one in which the rapper used the “Skete” nickname encourage his fans to publicly berate the King of Staten Island actor. “If anyone loves me and my family if you see Skete in real life scream at the looser at the top of your lungs and say ‘Kimye’ forever,” the rapper wrote.

He also released two music videos for his The Game collaboration, “Eazy,” showing a claymation figure beating up another figure with Davidson’s blurred-out face and a sweatshirt that reads “Skete.” “God saved me from that crash / Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a–,” he raps over the scene.

The controversial original “Eazy” video finds a claymation Davidson getting kidnapped and buried alive. Ye buries the comedian’s head before plucking roses growing from his skull and delivering them to a truck resembling one he parked by Kim Kardashian’s house on Valentine’s Day.

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