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Joyner Lucas has criticised Lollapalooza for his placing on this year’s line-up poster while hitting out at “goofy ass” headliner Machine Gun Kelly.

The four-day Chicago festival shared its 2022 bill on Tuesday (March 22), with Green DayDua Lipa, Metallica and J. Cole all appearing as headliners. Beneath those acts are Doja Cat, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Baby and Kygo.

Lucas, meanwhile, appears around mid-way down the Lollapalooza poster in the smallest-sized font. In response, he took to Twitter to post a series of tweets in which he accused the event’s organisers of “playing” him.

“Putting my name next to the names of a bunch of random n****z that nobody heard of and offering me a weak ass [money emoji],” Lucas added.

He went on to say he had declined Lollapalooza’s offer to perform, but claimed that organisers “put me on the flier [sic] anyways”.

Lucas continued: “N****z is on gon start putting respek on my name. For years I been getting these weak ass offers like I’m some lil n****. Then n****z who ain’t even on my level or doing my numbers is getting put in BIG LETTERS while they write my shit hella small on the flier.! How sway?!!”

He then said that he’s one of “the biggest independent artist[s] period” with large “numbers” and many fans: “How is it that these festivals keep tryna bunch my name up with a bunch of n****z who ain’t on my level?. n**** I’m JOYNER LUCAS.”

In a follow-up tweet, Lucas requested that Lollapalooza remove his name from this year’s poster – claiming he did not “agree” to “that lineup” and the fee that the festival was offering him.

“Next thing I kno the flier goes out and they gon put my name in some tiny ass letter like i ain’t me. Fuck outta here!” he explained, adding that he “had to find a microscope to find my name”.

After calling Lollapalooza “disrespectful”, Lucas later turned his attention to MGK while posting an image of the musician. “Then you got this goofy ass n**** headlining?” he said. “Smh how sway?”

He continued: “Lol What my brother Marshall [Eminem] did to this n**** @machinegunkelly is light compared to what’s waiting if he wanna walk down that street wit me. Ain’t nobody worried bout a n**** who paints his nails.”

Machine Gun Kelly is yet to respond to Joyner Lucas’ comments. Sharing the Lollapalooza poster on his own Twitter account, MGK wrote: “I CANT BELIEVE IM SEEING THIS!!!! the last time we played Lolla was 2017 on a sunday at 1pm now we’re headlining wtf i’m so grateful it’s all because of YOU.”

Meanwhile, Kelly – real name Colson Baker – has spoken out to defend his success as a pop-punk artist, explaining that he’s “earned that shit”.

Machine Gun Kelly’s new album ‘Mainstream Sellout’ is out tomorrow (March 25). It serves as the first of two studio records from the star to be released in 2022, following on from 2020’s ‘Tickets To My Downfall’.

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