Lauren Jauregui is standing up for her “dedicated” fanbase after a viral tweet that criticized “stan culture.”

It all started when Benjamin Enfield of Now Hip-Hop News tweeted on Monday (April 25) that Elon Musk (who is to buy Twitter in a confirmed $44 billion deal) is “set to ban all stan & spam accounts” on the platform.

Enfield followed up by tweeting, “Stans are a huge problem for artists. Take fifth Harmony for example. Lots of retweets. Low sales. Couldn’t sell out tours. Supporting artists via retweets isn’t supporting artists.”

The word “stan,” which was popularized from Eminem’s 2000 song of the same name, is “an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity,” according to Oxford Dictionary.

In response to Enfield’s tweet, Fifth Harmony fans, known as Harmonizers, began defending their love for the former girl group and how they supported the band on and offline.

Former 5H member Jauregui, upon catching wind of the debate, took to Twitter to give her thoughts. “Not ppl tryna come for the harmonizers…. good luck!” she wrote in a lengthy message. “No seriously though I (we) love you all forever for being such a monumental part of making our dreams come true. (Y’all are shady & messy but let’s not pretend y’all were the only fandom with this energy at the time) we also all grew up so much together and have evolved as humans past that era I feel like too and also!!!”

“You were FEIRCE, LOYAL, PRESENT, & dedicated that was the very much truth,” she continued. “People underestimate the slow build of a consistent fan base. We were all moving for 5 years before WFH Ppl ride the bandwagon when the number one enters the chat and the charts validate hard work (finally) but the harmonizers (all the fandoms tbh) were there every step of the way and continue to be.”

Jauregui concluded that while “there are toxic behaviors we could all do without about Stan Culture,” she’s “very grateful for the ppl who show up for art and people’s dreams like that.”

See her full statement below.

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