Lorde just dropped a music video, and it stars three leading ladies: Lorde, Lorde and Lorde. Released Tuesday (March 22) in celebration of the spring equinox, the new “Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)” visual finds the “Mood Ring” singer chatting, dancing and jump roping on the beach with two clones of herself, each one styled to look like she did in years past.

The 25-year-old songwriter first began teasing the video’s trippy concept by intermittently updating her website with different posters that gave sneak peaks to the three characters featured in the video, named The Child, The Lover and The Gardener. Fans were quick to notice that the aesthetics of the characters matched those of Lorde throughout her three album eras, from Pure Heroine to Melodrama to Solar Power.

The two-time Grammy winner said on Spotify’s “storyline” feature that the lyrics on “Secrets From a Girl” are a message from her future self to her younger self that everything’s going to be OK, which really hits home when you learn she intentionally reversed chords from her 2013 fan-favorite track “Ribs,” written by a much younger Lorde about being afraid to grow up. It’s a piece of Lorde trivia that comes to life in the new video, which at one point shows her modern-day self having a heart-to-heart conversation on the shore with her wild-haired, purple-lipsticked, 10 years younger self.

“I loved conceptualizing and performing this,” she wrote in a newsletter after the video’s release, which seemed to confirm that the throwbacks were intentional. “The Child in her purple lipstick and silver jewelry, big curls thrown over to one side, skipping and bouncing like I did as a 6-year-old; the Lover, a baby woman in red with a little diamanté eye, waking up hungover and divine; and the Gardener, me at my wisest and most crunchy, dressed in my own clothes … watching the other mes with a benevolent, amused eye.”

The new video comes just a couple weeks away from the start of Lorde’s world tour, which she also hyped up in her newsletter. “Loving how this zone of excitement is coinciding with the beginning of the Solar Power tour, which we’re in the process of building for you right now,” she wrote in her newsletter. “I don’t wanna gas myself too much, but you’re gonna s–t. your f–kin. pants.”

Watch Lorde walk down memory lane in the “Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)” video below:

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