Mariah Carey makes her own rules. Case in point: on Tuesday night (April 13) the singer hosted an Instagram Live party to celebrate her 2005 The Emancipation of Mimi album and the recent “Big Energy” remix featuring DJ Khaled and Latto. Did she party in a club with her friends?

Nope. MC slipped into a pool in the Bahamas in a full-length rose gold evening dress and full hair and makeup to casually chat it up with fans for 20 minutes. “Hello darlings!” she said as she splashed water at the camera and asked her more than 10 million followers if they were digging the ensemble. She shouted out Mimi, one of her “favorite albums ever” (and, not for nothing, Billboard as well), while asking fans tuning in to share their favorite tracks, which included “We Belong Together,” “I Wish You Knew” and “Fly Like a Bird.”

She also talked about the “Big Energy” remix, had a sip of her Black Irish Cream liquor– pouring some out for her late pal Ol’ Dirty Bastard — and promised the Lambily that she’s working on new music. The poolside chat also included plugs for her upcoming vocal MasterClass and a tease about new merch she’s prepping for Pride Month, as well an intriguing mention of some Christmas news, without, unfortunately, any further details about what’s in store for the far-off holiday season.

“Just been in the studio doing a lot of stuff and some other projects that I think you know about,” MC said, noting that she recently finished a new untitled song. The singer’s daughter Monroe made a special guest appearance in her jammies midway through as Carey gushed about one of her other special songs, the 1997 Butterfly track “The Roof.” She confirmed that the fan favorite is getting a reboot featuring “one of my favorite female artists and friends… she is incredible, we love her and we have a total moment on MasterClass,” she said of her good pal Brandy.

Other guests who dropped by included pal DJ Suss One, MC’s boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, Raven’s Home star Mykal “Mimi” Michelle Harris and Mariah’s dogs, who jumped in the pool to splash around with the singer as the whole things devolved into a barky mess by the end.

You can sign up for MasterClass here, and take part in Carey’s course starting on April 14.

Watch Mariah’s splashy IG Live below.

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