More than 50 pianists from nine countries are coming together virtually on April 23 in a concert to benefit the Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. The prerecorded livestream concert will feature music of 11 Ukrainian composers, recorded by each performer from their homes.

The marathon concert, under the direction of Polly van der Linde, owner and director of Sonatina Piano Camps, will feature the works of Vasyl Barvinsky, Isaak Berkovich, Sergei Bortkiewicz, Reinhold Glière, Nikolai Kapustin, Viktor Kosenko, Mikola Lysenko, Boris Lyatoshynsky, Samuil Maykapar, and Valentin Silvestrov, as well as the Ukrainian National Anthem, composed by Mykhailo Verbytsky.

An Overwhelming Response
“I couldn’t sit still and let the world be so dark. I put out a call to the adult amateur pianists who attend our Piano Camps to see if they’d be interested in learning Ukrainian music,” said van der Linde. // Continue to the full article

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