Jai-Jagdeesh announced her latest single set for release on April 8, from Spirit Voyage Records. Blending a myriad of musical traditions with her trademark heart-wrenching, siren sweetness and bold storytelling, “Road to Somewhere” confronts trauma with the soothing power of melodious truth. Part of her forthcoming album, “From Dust,” Jai-Jagdeesh explores the dark territories of betrayal, disillusionment, and loss as she reclaims peace through the poetic journey of the singer/songwriter. The single is available on all major music platforms.
“This music exists because something horrible happened,” said Jai-Jagdeesh. “Words fall short when I try to describe it – but the result was that my heart broke, my body shut down, and my soul seemed to disappear. From that process comes this album, rich with lyrics and melodies that express the discomfort and challenge of the liminal space, the chapter between what was and what will be. // Continue to the full article

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