As Republican representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert continue to make headlines for their inflammatory statements both on and off the House floor, Randy Rainbow is ready to take them to school for their antics.

On Monday (March 14), Rainbow unveiled his latest parody video “Gurl, You’re A Karen.” Playing off of Alan Menken & Howard Ashman’s delightfully sadistic song “Dentist!” from the 1984 musical Little Shop of Horrors, Rainbow turned the track into an all-out roasting session, where he called Greene and Boebert out for their “bigoted, hypocritical, seditionist” comments and voting records.

Throughout the early-rock-inspired song, Rainbow comes up with all sorts of colorful things to call Greene and Boebert — including “wacky twits,” “obnoxious, intolerant pain(s)” and “f—ing stupid” — before declaring that they’re both ultimately the same kind of person. “Hun, you’re a Karen/ And you appear to be missing a brain,” he sings with a smirk on the chorus.

As the song ramps up, Rainbow points to  a number of the representatives’ recent controversies, including their heckling of President Biden during his State of the Union address, Boebert’s comparison of Biden to Robin Hood villain Prince John, and Green’s incorrect use of the word “gazpacho” in an interview. To round it all off, Rainbow of course had some brutal parting shots for the Republicans: “You’re stuck in an anti-American stupor, your privilege is whiter than  Anderson Cooper,”  he sang. “‘Cause you’re a Karen, and you’re the worst.”

Check out Rainbow’s full parody video below:

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