If a tree falls in the woods, does anybody hear it? If an independent artist sells the most albums of the week, does anybody report on it?
Apparently not…Tom MacDonald has actually sold (not streamed or TikTok’ed) the most units during the reporting week of March 4-March 11 of his new collaborative album The Brave with Adam Calhoun. It moved 48,000-plus physical copies (in three days), which Tom and partner and video director Nova Rockafeller personally sent out (complete with UPC codes). Digitally, it reached #1 on the iTunes Overall Top Albums Chart in the U.S. According toHeadline Planet, it “shot to #1 on the store’s all-genre sales chart,” leapfrogging even the Disney and Lin Manuel-Miranda juggernaut Encanto Soundtrack. It notably marked the first time Tom has released an album digitally in addition to his staggering physical sales model. // Continue to the full article

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