Every music fan knows that the songs we love are reflections of our souls. Our music collections are powerful indications of the people we are and the things we value. When we encounter another person who shares our tastes (and spins our favorite tunes), the bond is often instantaneous. We feel – and with good reason! – that we’ve encountered a kindred spirit. Given this undeniable dynamic, it was inevitable that a digital matchmaker would develop a dating application that based its recommendations on our listening habits. Vinylly is that app, and in the video for “Just Believe,” the wildly optimistic, propulsive new clip from electronic artists tyDi and JES, we get to see it in action.

“Just Believe” is a strong proof-of-concept for the app and the video alike. It’s hard to imagine two musicians more compatible than tyDi and JES. // Continue to the full article

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