Doechii made her television debut this week (May 19) – watch her medley of ‘Persuasive’ and ‘Crazy’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below.

The Top Dawg Entertainment-signed rapper from Tampa, Florida, mixed up her two most recent singles for the performance, in which she performed with a four-piece band including a double bassist and keytar player.

Watch the energetic performance below.

In a new NME interview, Doechii spoke about signing to TDE, explaining: “I had just dropped ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ and I was just pushing it by myself, and it got the attention of [the person who would become] my manager – me and her decided to move to New York and follow our dreams, y’know, shit like that. I was sleeping on my dad’s sofa, and got this random call. My manager was like, ‘Bitch: TDE wants to fly us out.’ I went out there [to California], and I told myself, ‘I’m not going home without being signed.’”

She added: “I always thought I would be independent my entire life, but if I was ever gonna sign to a label, it needed to be TDE. That’s what happened. I spent the first night with TDE making ‘Crazy’. It was that type of energy, I was hungry, and I still am.

“I did end up leaving because they signed me within the week. I’d never even yelled on a track before I did ‘Crazy’, so when I recorded that, it’s a reflection of pure fearlessness. I was like, ‘Fuck that shit, I’m gonna go stupid.’ Now I’ve shown myself I can make a song called ‘Crazy’, I can do anything.”

Read the full NME Radar interview with Doechii here.

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